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A rocker switch/on-off is a type of electrical switch that is used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. It has two positions, on and off, and is typically operated by rocking the switch back and forth. Rocker switches are commonly used in a variety of applications, including appliances, power tools, and lighting systems.

Rocker switches are typically made up of three main components: the switch body, the actuator, and the contacts. The switch body is the main housing of the switch and contains the actuator and contacts. The actuator is the part of the switch that is pressed to change the position of the switch. It is typically made of a durable material, such as plastic or metal. The contacts are the electrical connections that are made and broken when the switch is operated.

When the rocker switch is in the on position, the actuator pushes the contacts together, creating an electrical connection. This allows electricity to flow through the circuit. When the rocker switch is in the off position, the actuator pulls the contacts apart, breaking the electrical connection. This prevents electricity from flowing through the circuit.

Rocker switches are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They can also be purchased with a variety of features, such as illumination, waterproofing, and multiple positions.

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