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Waterous offers a wide range of products, including portable fire pumps, foam systems, and electronic controls. The company’s products are designed to be reliable and efficient, with a focus on ease of use and durability. Waterous also provides a variety of services, including training and technical support, to ensure that its customers can make the most of their equipment.

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Waterous Manual / Electric Pump Prime Kit

Use this kit to repair the following priming valves: 8683, 8732, 80119, 80165, 80669, 80682, 81602, and 81647.

Kit includes:
50875 Insert-Plunger (1)
W20006-3 Quad Ring (1)
W5404-14SS Pin-Grove, 1/8X7/8 (4)
W3712-4D O-ring, 3/4ID (1)
W4500-125CA Ring-Retaining (1)
W9619-6SS Screw-Rnd Hd, No. 10-32 X 3/8 (1)
51215 Arm-Actuating (1)
51216 Socket-Actuating Arm (1)
Kit also includes instructions.

A Waterous Manual / Electric Pump Prime Kit is a device used to prime a Waterous centrifugal fire pump, allowing it to draw water from a supply source and prepare it for operation. The kit is designed to be used in situations where the fire pump is not connected to a pressurized water source, or where the pump has lost its prime.

The Manual / Electric Pump Prime Kit consists of a manual hand pump and an electric motor, both of which are connected to a common intake manifold. The hand pump is used to create a vacuum within the intake manifold, which draws water into the pump and prepares it for operation.

The electric motor can be used to supplement the manual pump, providing additional power and speed to the priming process. The motor is typically operated using a control panel or switch, and can be turned on or off as needed.

The Manual / Electric Pump Prime Kit is designed to be portable and easy to use, and can be quickly and easily installed on a Waterous centrifugal fire pump. The kit is typically used in situations where the fire pump needs to be quickly deployed to a remote location, or where water sources are limited or inaccessible.

Overall, the Waterous Manual / Electric Pump Prime Kit is an essential component of any firefighting or emergency response kit, and is designed to ensure that Waterous centrifugal fire pumps are properly primed and ready for operation. By using the Manual / Electric Pump Prime Kit, firefighters and emergency responders can ensure that they have access to a reliable and efficient source of water, even in the most challenging and demanding situations.

Waterous is committed to innovation and continuous improvement, and the company invests heavily in research and development. This focus on innovation has helped Waterous to stay at the forefront of the firefighting and industrial equipment industries, and has enabled the company to develop products that are both effective and efficient.

Overall, the Waterous Company is a trusted and respected manufacturer of fire pumps and water systems, with a long history of excellence in the industry. Whether you’re a firefighter or an industrial worker, Waterous products are designed to help you do your job safely and effectively.

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