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Waterous Pump Packing Kit

Fits: CM, CS, CG, CJ, Ch-3, Ch-4 Series Pumps

Kit includes 10 Braided Graphite Packing Rings

A Waterous Pump Packing Kit for CM, CS, CG, CJ, CH-3, CH-4 Series Pumps is a set of replacement parts used to repair or rebuild the packing assembly on a Waterous centrifugal fire pump. The packing assembly is a critical component that helps prevent water from leaking out of the pump’s shaft and bearings.

The pump packing in a Waterous fire pump is a type of seal that is used to prevent water from leaking out of the pump shaft and bearings. The pump packing is located around the pump shaft and is compressed against the shaft by a gland or packing nut.

When the pump is in operation, water is drawn into the pump and pressurized, creating a hydraulic force that can push water past the pump packing and out of the pump. To prevent this from happening, the pump packing is designed to create a tight seal around the pump shaft, which prevents water from leaking out.

The pump packing is made up of a series of packing rings, which are typically made from materials such as graphite or PTFE. These rings are arranged in a stack, with each ring overlapping the one below it. The rings are then compressed against the pump shaft by the gland or packing nut, creating a seal.

As water flows past the pump packing, some of it is absorbed by the packing material, which swells and creates a tighter seal around the pump shaft. Over time, however, the packing material may become worn or compressed, which can lead to leaks. When this occurs, the packing must be replaced with a new set of rings.

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James Smith
January 25, 2023

What size packing is this?

Dave Moyer
January 27, 2023

More importantly what model is your pump and what is the serial number? This way we can make sure you are getting the right packing kit for your pump.


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