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Waterous Transfer Valve Kit

Transfer Ball Valve Re-build Kit

Repair Kit for CM series pump transfer valve (1981-2000)
Use this kit to repair body assembly 80944, 81380, 81606, and 81963.
Kit includes:
51795 Gasket (1)
51970 Stem Bushing (2)
62167 Transfer Valve Seal (1)
V2842 Wave Spring (1)
W1005-32HTCA Hex Hd Scr, 5/16-18X2 (1)
W3005-CA Hex Jam Nut, 5/16-18 (1)
W3504-16SS Cotter Pin, 1/8X1″ (1)
W3718-4UH O-ring, 1-1/8 I.D. (2)
W3726-4 O-ring, 1-5/8 I.D. (2)
W3750-6 O-ring, 3-1/8 I.D. (1)
W3780-4 O-ring, 5 I.D. (1)
W4008-CA Flat Washer, ½ (1)
W4305 Flat Brass Washer, 5/16 (2)
W5008-12SS Dowel Pin, 1/4X3/4 (1)
W10208-28 Groove Pin, 1/4X1-3/4 (1)
W10210-20 Groove Pin, 1/16X1-1/4 (1)
Instructions also included.

NOTE: This is mot a stock item. Please allow 10-15 days for delivery.

A Waterous Transfer Valve is a valve that is commonly used in fire trucks and other firefighting vehicles to transfer water between different tanks or compartments. It is a mechanical device that controls the flow of water from one tank or compartment to another, allowing firefighters to move water between vehicles or tanks and maintain a continuous supply of water to fight fires. The Waterous Transfer Valve is designed to handle high volumes of water and is typically made of durable materials such as brass or stainless steel to withstand the harsh conditions of firefighting operations. It is an essential component of any firefighting apparatus that carries multiple water tanks or compartments and allows firefighters to quickly and efficiently move water where it is needed most.

Rebuilding a Waterous Transfer Valve requires a basic understanding of mechanical systems and some specialized tools. Here are some general instructions for rebuilding a Waterous Transfer Valve:

  1. Turn off the water supply to the valve and relieve any pressure in the system before proceeding.
  2. Remove the valve from the vehicle or system and disassemble it carefully, taking note of the orientation and location of each part.
  3. Clean all parts thoroughly with a solvent and inspect them for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Replace any parts that show signs of wear or damage.
  4. Reassemble the valve in the reverse order of disassembly, making sure to use the correct orientation and position for each part.
  5. Apply a small amount of lubricant to any moving parts, such as bearings or seals.
  6. Test the valve for proper operation by turning on the water supply and checking for leaks or other issues.
  7. Reinstall the valve in the vehicle or system and make sure it is properly connected and secured.

It’s important to note that the exact steps for rebuilding a Waterous Transfer Valve can vary depending on the specific model and design of the valve. Therefore, it’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek the guidance of a trained professional if you are uncertain about any aspect of the rebuilding process.

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