E-ONE VM8 Two Door Rescue Pumpers

Affordably priced, firefighting trucks you can depend on


All-aluminum, huck-bolted body designed for long-term durability and maximum storage capacity. This technology provides a lightweight body without sacrificing structural integrity. The design has been verified with stringent Finite Element Analysis (FEA) where the body is stressed to the maximum chassis Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and off-road frame twisting to assure long-term durability.

Unlike most formed bodies, the VM8 body uses formed structural shapes that create a skeletal framework that equals the strength and durability of extruded bodies. The body incorporates structural integrity that permits E-ONE to provide an industry exclusive standard 15 year structural warranty. Aluminum is 5052-H34 tensile strength, the same material used for large aircraft for decades. Huck-bolts are used for fastening to prevent wallowing and loosening inherent with commonly used conventional bolts, screws and rivets.

The VM8 body substructure is designed and tested to support the entire body and water tank. Structural shapes are not less than .190 (3/16”) with .250 (1/4”) crossmembers. Salt Spray Testing is to ASTM B 117 guidelines using structural components fastened together and chamber tested for 1000 documented hours. The completed processes depict the effects of galvanic and crevice corrosion.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Validated Integrity

All E-ONE bodies have been extensively tested using Finite Element Analysis technology to insure what is designed, built and delivered will stand up to the rigors of the missions for which they are designed. The stress analysis involves computer simulation of the chassis maximum twist against the body to identify any potential weak areas of the design and remove those prior to final design release. The bodies are mounted onto the chassis using an outrigger flex mounting system that permits the body to flex against the chassis, diminishing the transferred stresses to the body. This method of body mounting is far superior to conventional U-bolt or other rigid body mounting procedures.



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♦ The VM8 pumper is now available on an International MV chassis with either two or four door cab. Some of the new options now available: 20” extended front bumper with 2” discharge; 3” automatic tank fill with gauge; FireTech Guardian flood lights; and FireTech brow light. Standard stock models include upper side body Enhanced warning light package; Whelen C9SL upper side body scene lights; and aluminum wheels.


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