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Shop By Fire Truck Parts Supplier – Providing fire truck parts nationwide since 2009 to fire departments, apparatus dealers and firefighting equipment manufacturers. Fire Line Equipment supplies fire truck parts for all makes & models of fire apparatus. Shop by vendor on The Fire Line Store and save time & money. We stock replacement parts for your chassis, fire pump, apparatus body and aerial ladder. Large stock of running inventory for your everyday needs and are capable of special ordering of any material requested. We have the capability of handling parts for most manufacturers vehicles as well as the aftermarket parts industry.

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Fire Line Equipment is a nationwide fire truck parts supplier specializing in providing quality and affordable parts for fire trucks and emergency vehicles. As a leading supplier, Fire Line Equipment offers a comprehensive range of components and services to meet the needs of fire departments and emergency service providers across the United States.

Some of the products and services Fire Line Equipment offers include:

  1. Fire truck parts: We supply a wide variety of parts for different types of fire trucks, including suspension components, electrical systems, fire pumps, valves, and more.
  2. Emergency vehicle lighting: We provide a range of emergency lighting solutions, such as LED light bars, sirens, and strobe lights, to ensure the visibility and safety of fire trucks on the road.
  3. Equipment and accessories: We offer various firefighting tools, equipment, and accessories like hoses, nozzles, monitors, tools and equipment mounting.
  4. Preventative maintenance and repair services: Fire Line Equipment offers maintenance and repair services to help extend the life of your fire trucks and ensure they are in optimal working condition.
  5. Refurbishment and remount services: We provide refurbishment and remount services for fire trucks, helping departments save money and extend the life of their vehicles.
  6. Customization: We can help you customize your fire trucks according to your department’s specific needs and requirements.
  7. Training and support: Fire Line Equipment offers training and support services to help fire departments use and maintain their vehicles effectively.

For more information on our products and services or to request a quote,  call our customer support at 877-346-1373.

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