Summit Elliptical Tankers

Summit Elliptical Tankers

Summit Fire has 50 years of experience building fire apparatus for firefighting. They have the expertise to design and build your next elliptical tanker. Building quality, affordable, custom  fire tankers. Each vehicle is unique, designed and manufactured to meet your needs. Summit is a family owned manufacturer,  Fire Line Equipment is your Central & Eastern Pennsylvania Supplier for Summit Elliptical Tankers.

These fire trucks range from the simple water hauler with no pump, to the fully loaded tanker with pump, preconnects and hose storage areas.

As with all of Summit’s units, the tank and apparatus used are designed to meet and exceed NFPA 1901 requirements. The manufacturer’s top priority is keeping firefighters safe on the job and supplying them with a quality and affordable elliptical tanker. The tanks used are designed to provide rapid filling and dumping of water for fast response.

Summit Fire Apparatus

Family Owned Manufacturer

Quality and Affordable

Custom Fire Tankers

Fire Line Equipment’s Service Team are experts in their trade and maintain NFPA standards in their disciplines. We employ EVT certified mechanics who are available around-the-clock to work on any brand of fire apparatus. With fast turnaround times and a massive inventory of on demand parts and accessories, we service ALL brands of fire apparatus and ensure that your critical fire and rescue apparatus is always prepared to answer the call!


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