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With the increasing use of technology in modern fire apparatus, there is a growing requirement to provide technical support to service providers and fire departments that may service their own fire trucks.


Not every dealer, service center or fire company has the luxury of having their own in house chassis, fire pump or aerial specialist on hand that can diagnose or trouble shoot an operational problem or part failure. That’s why we created our help desk service. Our experienced help desk staff is available by phone Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M. to assist you. We can “be there” without leaving our repair facility, saving you time, money and apparatus down time.

Technical Support

At Fire Line Equipment, service is our business. We are a knowledgeable and reliable partner that offers the complete package when it comes to keeping your apparatus in service.


Our staff can assist you with electrical, multiplex, fire pump and aerial hydraulic parts identification and operational troubleshooting.


Call (717) 354-8106 for support or contact us through email and we will be happy to call you.


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Technical Assistance / Trouble Shooting Rates

Please be advised, technical and troubleshooting assistance will be invoiced in 15 minute increments with a 15 minute minimum. Our Help Desk billing rate is $90.00 per hour or $22.50 per quarter hour.


If you are not already set up as a Fire Line Equipment customer, we ask that you have your business or fire company information available for billing, shipping and scheduling purposes.


Other alternatives to troubleshooting over the phone would be to have a Fire Line Equipment service technician come to your facility or your truck can be scheduled and brought into the Fire Line Equipment Service Center in East Earl, Pennsylvania.


Fire Line Help Desk fee’s will be waived when services or parts are purchased totaling $100.00 or more.

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