Ambulance Repair and Service

Ambulance Service & Repair

Preferred Service Provider

Ambulance service & repair on all makes and models of Type I, Type II & Type III Ambulances. There is no vehicle that people depend on more than their community’s ambulance.

Ambulances are now more complex than ever and require service and repair superior to that of regular vehicle repairs. Complicated wiring and customized parts make ambulances a distinct vehicle to maintain, service and re-mount.

Service With a Smile 300



Keep your EMTs and first responders in fully operational ambulances and trucks by leaving the service, repair and preventative maintenance to us. In addition to our repair services, we offer preventative maintenance programs to suit your needs. We will keep all your systems and equipment in working order so you can rest assured that your drivers are fully prepared to respond to the next emergency call. When you are looking to add to your fleet, ask us about our fire apparatus and ambulances for sale. We are your all-in-one resource for first-class service and ambulance repair.


Ambulance Service & Repair


Since lives are on the line when emergency response vehicles are out of service for repair or preventative maintenance, Fire Line Equipment offers prompt service and repair at either our shop in New Holland, PA or your station. Call us at 877-346-1373 when you need immediate ambulance repair in. Our mechanics are highly trained and experienced, our company is dedicated to delivering superior service, fast warranty repair and correct replacement ambulance parts as quickly as possible. When it comes to emergency vehicles, we work on all makes and models.



We offer a full inventory of emergency vehicle parts and a staff of knowledgeable service technicians waiting to serve you. We carry a wide range of parts and supplies in our inventory that are commonly used in this field. This allows for immediate delivery to our customers. With our relationship with REV PARTS and a working relationship with many major suppliers we are able to obtain any additional needed replacement ambulance part. Our Part & Service Departments have extensive industry experience. We have the expertise to trouble shoot and repair all styles, makes and models of emergency vehicles.


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