Loose Equipment Mounting

Tool & Equipment Mounting

Planning for equipment mounting is a very important part of upgrading your existing apparatus or for the final delivery process for your new fire apparatus. Tools are one of the most important items you have at your disposal.  In order to operate efficiently, it’s vital that you store and mount your tools safely and in a manner that each firefighter knows and understands.

Store Tools Safely

Stay Organized

Meet NFPA Compliance

Custom Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication

Mounting Options

There are different benefits of each type of mounting equipment. For instance, brackets may be great for tools that are heavy and expensive, while tool trays and boards may be great for smaller tools that you want to have visible at all times. There are many companies out there that can provide you with mounting options and specialized brackets to get the job done neatly. Ziamatic, Performance Advantage Company and Sensible Products are a few. We also have a full fabrication department for custom mounting brackets, trays and slides.


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