Repair & Refinishing

Cab, Body & Aerial – All Makes

Fire Line Equipment offers complete apparatus collision repair services to help get you back into service.  We’ve been providing expert collision repair services to our valued customers from our facility in East Earl, PA. We are proud to offer quality workmanship completed in a timely manner. Everything we offer, from dent and scratch repair, to apparatus painting, striping and fabrication, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the completed project.


As a licensed emergency rescue apparatus dealership, the staff at Fire Line Equipment consists of professional firefighters, first responders, experts in the fire equipment and apparatus field and highly trained, certified mechanics.  We know first hand how important it is for you to have outstanding service. We offer complete maintenance, service and repair on ALL makes and models of fire apparatus. Our service facility is staffed by  EVT certified technicians. They are experts in diagnosing and resolving service issues, providing quick and thorough preventive maintenance and helpful tips to keep your apparatus in service – where it needs to be.

Fire Apparatus Accident, Corrosion Repair & Paint Refinishing

Fire apparatus are a specialized design and configuration of emergency vehicle. Collision & body repair requires knowledge, skill and expertise. Whether you need custom fabrication, OEM parts, body parts or overall body work and collision repairs, a general auto body shop won’t work well for your fire truck repair. Fire Line Equipment has years of hands-on experience working on fire apparatus collision repair work.

Paint Refinishing

We offer full service paint re-finishing for collision repair and refurbishment work.


Utilizing the best technology available to the industry and only the highest quality paint and materials, we can closely match the current color of your truck giving it the most vivid, vibrant, high-polish look possible.

Full Range of Options

Fire Line Equipment offers a full range of custom repair, improvement, and paint options to our customers.


Keeping your fleet of fire apparatus looking consistent and clean is all part of your fire departments pride. When the paint begins to dull or if you’ve acquired a used fire truck, you need the skills of an expert repair & refinishing shop. At Fire Line Equipment, our goal is to ensure your vehicle represents your station’s pride and professionalism.

Collision Damage Repair

From minor collision damage to complete accident restoration, you can be sure that Fire Line Equipment has the experience to repair your apparatus.


We strive to give you and your truck expert service, from the moment you arrive to the day we’re finished. That includes working with your insurance company to make sure the process is smooth and convenient for you.

Corrosion Repair

Whether resulting from normal wear and tear or accident, Fire Line Equipment will repair or replace corroded areas with quality materials and workmanship.


Not only can we do your collision & corrosion repair and paint refinishing, we also can modify your fire truck body or cab to meet your fire department’s unique needs.

Repair Increases Performance

Rust and corrosion will reduce your fire trucks performance, hindering your ability to respond quickly with reliable apparatus.


Your apparatus should be reviewed and repaired on an annual basis for corrosion, wear and tear to ensure every vehicle leaves the station in a safe and effective manner.

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