At the scene of an incident there is often need for one of our used command vehicles for sale. These vehicles will carry the required technology and equipment for a fire chief to command personnel at small and large scale incidents. One of the benefits of a fire command vehicle is access to all types of communications and CCTV systems. They are often used as a meeting place for planning operations to fight fire and organize the response. Regardless of the funding techniques, fire officials have taken incident command to a new level with these vehicles, incorporating technology that gives incident commanders an edge against the dangers of the modern fire ground and the demands of all-hazards responses. The fire and emergency service community has seen a great deal of new deliveries in command vehicles, big and small. The primary reason: Firefighter accountability and radio interoperability have taken on a new meaning in the post-9/11 culture. For many cities, federal grants have also played a big role, prompting metropolitan areas to purchase larger units. Beyond meeting the crisis at hand, we understand the importance of storage, comfort, meeting space, technology and aesthetics for your mobile command center vehicle. Which is why we advertise mobile command trucks that can be readily and reliably deployed at any time – with an appearance that instills confidence when arriving on the scene.

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