Ambulance Remounting

Ambulance Remount Options


When your vehicle has run its last mile, we answer with remounting options to ensure your ambulance is back on the road in no time. And when it comes to remounts, you won’t find a remount center that can answer with the knowledge, capacity, capabilities and equipment of Fire Line Equipment. While every department or organization would love to purchase a new ambulance, the reality of budget constraints means that’s not always an option. Instead, remounting your ambulance box can offer an excellent alternative.

This is a more cost-effective option, that still results in a reliable emergency vehicle in like-new condition. We’ve found that ambulance modules well outlast their chassis – or multiple chassis. With the proper knowledge, in-house service technicians, and commitment to customer service, remounted ambulances are a competitive alternative to new.

Purchasing a new or used ambulance for your fleet or organization is always a daunting task. With limited budgets and funding to consider, choosing the right one takes careful consideration when balancing cost, safety, and durability of your new, used or remounted ambulance. Luckily, we take this process seriously and can guide you during every step so you can be confident in the final choice you make on your ambulance purchase.

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Ambulance Remounting

30-50% Savings Over New

Our customers average a 30-50% savings on any full size ambulance remount in comparison to buying a brand new emergency vehicle. Typical lead times are between 90 – 120 days from receipt of ambulance to be remounted or the new chassis, whichever is the latter. We do occasionally have access to stock chassis which can make for shorter lead times. We have the capabilities to convert ambulances from Type III to Type I and remount onto any brand chassis. Whether you need aftermarket suspension systems for specific chassis applications, full interior modifications, or a complete refurbishing of your current module, we have you covered.


Remount Your Ambulance Box


We can help you maximize your investment in your current ambulance module by placing it on a new chassis and upgrading internal features to the latest industry standards. Some departments have been able to remount the same module multiple times, saving money and maximizing the use of their existing unit each time. An ambulance remount with Fire Line Equipment is a smart investment for the long term, and fits your budget in the short term. Each step in the process is well documented, resulting in a like-new ambulance complete with thorough documentation for future in-house service work. Contact our Sales Department at 877-346-1373 for additional information.


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