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One common reason that first responders and others suggest as the reason they haven’t upgraded to LED emergency vehicle lights is because their old-fashioned lighting is still working and performs just fine. However, once we get down to the nitty gritty in terms of LED lights, most people change their mind and opt to go ahead and perform an LED emergency light upgrade.

Top 3 Reasons you Need an LED Warning Light Upgrade


LED technology is coming down in terms of price. For this reason, many departments, volunteers, and agencies have opted to upgrade traditional Halogen lights to brand new LED lights.


LEDs make it easier to see what is going on around you. No matter what your career is, police, security, volunteer firefighter, etc., it is incredibly important to be able to see what is going on around you. With LED lights, seeing is easier. The way light emitting diodes are created allow you to be seen easily. This means whether on the ground, in your vehicle, or around the corner, you will be more visible when you replace your halogen lights with brand new technology.


Vehicle electrical problems are dramatically decreased when LEDs are used on automotive vehicles. In fact, problems such as dead batteries, alternators, load shedding, high idle, and other electrical problems can be decreased when you replace your energy-sucking halogens with brand new emergency lights that use light-emitting diodes.



Upgrade your current warning lights to the new LED technology. Fire Line Equipment installs lighting packages from Whelen Engineering, Code 3 & Federal Signal. Custom installations & mounting fabricated to your specifications!


Also available: Push bars, Electronic and mechanical sirens, Roto-Ray installations, hand light chargers, Laptop mounts, Headset communication systems

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+ Scene Lighting


Light up your scene with quality scene lighting in 120/220V Quartz Halogen, H.I.D. or 12V LED scene lighting. Our custom scene lighting installations are professionally installed in house by qualified EVT certified technicians.


Also available: Light towers, Cord Reels, Light boxes, Diesel & hydraulic generators, Fixed & telescopic custom lighting


TOLL FREE: 877-346-1373


Light up your storage compartments by upgrading to LED compartment lighting


All installations are custom tailored to your compartments.


We offer LED compartment lighting manufactured by Whelen Engineering & R·O·M.



LEDs operate much cooler than traditional lights and are safe to touch. LED lighting provide years of trouble-free reliability, are moisture and vibration resistant for all those tough interior or exterior applications and best of all LED lighting exceeds the compartment lighting requirements of NFPA 1901 Standard 2009

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