Acela Monterra

Acela Severe-Duty Monterra Line

Acela Truck Company, manufacturer of North America’s most capable trucks, now offers purpose-built High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks in both 4×4 and 6×6 variations of it’s Monterra™ line of truck chassis. With 47-inch tires, 23-inches of ground clearance, waterproof starter, waterproof alternator and a proprietary 50-inch water fording capability, there is no other modern truck platform that can compete when it comes to reliable and safe operations in flood waters. Available models and customization configurations can safely transport up to 27 seated passengers (incl. driver) with ample room and payload for pets, personal property and rescue gear.

Monterra flood rescue trucks can be used for virtually any disaster response such as tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes, easily traveling over or through large debris, sand and mud or double as brush/wildland fire engines, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) support vehicles, cargo haulers and SAR/SWAT team troop carriers, in any rural or urban environment. Monterras come standard with a bumper to bumper parts and labor warranty.

Acela Monterra Flood Rescue Trucks


Texas Flood Edition

From its 46-inch tires up, The Acela Monterra was designed to dominate the toughest, most rugged job sites on Earth. The Monterra line of trucks offer supreme maneuverability, durability, and customization—the perfect all-in-one job site solution for any extreme-duty commercial fleet. Purpose-built High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks!


Originally designed for Army combat conditions anywhere in the world, Acela’s severe-duty Monterra line of trucks brings war-zone capability to your work-zone. This FMTV line of trucks has achieved the U.S. Army’s “ultra-reliable” status for the past seventeen years and now Acela is making them available for commercial use.


Rescue Fire Fighting

With unmatched versatility, the Monterra can accommodate an endless variety of service bodies suited to a broad range of configurations for mining, pipeline construction, oil and gas, utility, border protection, wildland firefighting environment, or any other extreme terrain application.


When you purchase a Monterra, you have invested in the most reliable truck on the market.

  • Rigorous Certified Reset Program ensures you get a like-new vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a new truck
  • Certified Reset Program is backed by our one year limited warranty
  • Complete tear-down, prep, prime and paint every fixed component on the cab and chassis
  • Replace and upgrade over 600 parts with new, certified OEM-guaranteed parts and reassemble according to strict LEAN processes.
  • Strictly controlled LEAN manufacturing environment to eliminate errors and to meet our high standard of quality.
  • More than 300- point tests and inspections
  • The replacement of over 600+ new parts
  • Like-new machine warranty
  • Trained Acela Truck Company service professionals
  • Genuine OEM parts from Allison®, Meritor®, Goodyear®, Dana®, Caterpillar®, Parker ®, Donaldson® and more


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