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For 30 years, E-ONE Fire Apparatus has been an industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of fire trucks worldwide. And every E-ONE fire apparatus is built from the ground up for performance you can count on.  E-ONE fire trucks until they exceed SAE, ECE and NFPA standards. In fact, the E-ONE cab structure withstood over five times the static roof load and over twice the frontal impact required by the NFPA and SAE, making it the strongest cab in the industry.

Avoiding an accident is the best way to protect your crew and community, E-ONE’s ProTech system features the unique OnGuard® collision warning and mitigation system, G4® (electronic stability control), the CrewGuard™ occupant detection system, a 360-degree camera system and backup sensors. Combined with protection, or as E-ONE likes to call it, ProTech-tion, E-ONE provides the safest technology package for your crew.



E-ONE offers two custom chassis – the Cyclone® and Typhoon® Whichever E-ONE cab you choose, you can have confidence that it is designed with a structural cage that provides maximum protection and comfort for you and your firefighters. Structural extrusions including sub-frames, a full flange wishbone frame rail, center uprights, and crossbeam extrusions are engineered for optimum performance. Horizontal and vertical supports handle severe vertical loads, which can occur in accidents. The perimeter skin material is made of 3/16” aluminum alloy sheet for extra toughness.



E-ONE commercial pumpers offer the perfect combination of Quality, Performance and Flexibility to meet your department’s operational and budgetary needs. Quality – commercial pumpers are fully engineered for prompt delivery, easy service and reduced cost over the life of your department’s apparatus. Performance – E-ONE partners with the most reliable commercial chassis manufacturers in the industry to pair with our proven extruded aluminum body design. Flexibility – commercial pumpers offer a variety of storage options and compartment configurations.



E-ONE custom pumpers exceed NFPA 1901 standards and undergo extensive third party testing. Handrails are placed in natural, ergonomic positions for easier and safer movement around trucks. Stepping surfaces are non-slip Gator Grip™ for secure footing .Expansive work and ground lighting for night time operations. Cyclone II or Typhoon chassis available, Side-Mount or Top-Mount pump controls, Hale or Waterous pumps, 530 to 1,530 gallon water tank capacity. E-ONE pumpers allow you to fight fires and respond to all the emergencies in between.



MAX Maneuverability. MAX Storage. MAX Accessibility. MAX Fire-Rescue Capability. MAX Performance. Our E-ONE eMAX® pump location and apparatus configuration offers the maximum of all worlds. Maximum maneuverability with a short wheelbase, 586 feet of maximum storage space, maximum accessibility with low, pre-connected hand-lines and a rear access ladder. Add maximum versatility to the list. E-ONE’s eMAX provides the fire, rescue and EMS response capabilities.



Fire Rescues and Command Vehicles that can match any situation. E-ONE’s light rescues, heavy-duty rescue units and fire command vehicles offer as many different configurations as there are different types of emergencies. Starting with an open body interior with plenty of exterior compartments, you can customize your E-ONE fire command vehicle to meet your needs. Demand the best, expect a level of durability and performance coupled with product support after the sale that is unsurpassed.



E-ONE custom tankers offer the versatility of high volume pumps and large tank capacities, and the dependability of an exceptionally durable custom chassis. A variety of tanks and pump sizes are available. Custom tankers are available in both 3/16” extruded aluminum and stainless steel bodies on three of the industry’s strongest custom cabs – the Quest®, Cyclone® II and Typhoon®. Tank designs range from full width or narrow, rectangular wetside or dryside in ranges from 1500 to 3500 gallons.



E-ONE utilizes design model analysis and extensive strain-gauge testing. The E-ONE aerial model designs are verified by an independent, professional structural engineer. Each E ONE aerial is tested by a professional, third-party testing company in accordance with NFPA 1901 and 1914. All E-ONE aerials and platforms are rated in multiple configurations clearly shown on load charts. E-ONE’s rated loads are available at all angles of elevation, full extension, 360 degrees around the vehicle and while flowing water. Distributed load ratings are allowed at full extension and low angles.



E-ONE’s platforms are all-aluminum for strength and offer dual front gates and a front console that improves visibility. You can add a monitor, lighting and other options that support your crew. The innovative E-ONE Platform is the apparatus your fleet needs to maneuver through congested streets, setup quickly in tight spaces, and handle both rescue and firefighting duties with ease. The E-ONE Platform features criss-cross, underslung outriggers with a narrow 15’6” spread that deploy in less than 45 seconds, provide additional compartment space and require less room to set up than “H” style jacks.



E-ONE’s stainless steel apparatus body is made entirely of stainless steel, including hinged doors and the sub-frame. Break-form construction provides a lighter, stronger stainless steel body with double and triple bends. Unitized 12-gauge stainless steel enhances weight distribution, increases equipment storage and water capacities – up to 1000 gallons of water on a 24,000 lb rear axle. E-ONE’s stainless steel product offers a very unique, patented Fiberglass Reinforced Panel (FRP) paint process, covered by E-ONE’s exclusive 10-year, non pro-rated paint warranty.


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