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Hale 2.5″ SVS Torrent Valve Kit


Hale Products is dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable firefighting equipment that meets the needs of modern firefighting operations. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made them a leading choice for fire departments.

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The kit includes a 2.5-inch valve, which is a key component in managing water flow and pressure in firefighting systems.

The “SVS” in the product name stands for “Selector Valve System.”

Hale Products, founded in 1914, is a well-known manufacturer of firefighting equipment, primarily focused on producing high-quality fire pumps, valves, and other related components. The company has been a major player in the firefighting industry for over a century and has earned a strong reputation for the reliability and performance of its products.

Hale Products offers a wide range of products for firefighting applications, including:

  1. Fire Pumps: Hale produces a variety of fire pumps, including portable, vehicle-mounted, and industrial-grade pumps.
  2. Valves: These valves play a crucial role in regulating water flow and pressure within firefighting systems.
  3. Control Systems: To manage and control the operation of fire pumps and valves, Hale offers control systems with different levels of automation and user interfaces.
  4. Accessories: Hale provides a wide range of accessories for firefighting systems, including hoses, nozzles, adapters, and fittings. These accessories are essential for connecting and managing various components within a firefighting system.

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