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6-LED TruckLite Ground Light


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The 6-LED TruckLite Ground Light is a small, round LED light that is typically mounted on the ground near the front of a truck or trailer. It is used to provide additional illumination to the ground area around the vehicle, making it easier to see at night or in low-light conditions.

TruckLite Ground Lights are made with high-quality LED bulbs that are very durable and resistant to shock and vibration. They are also very efficient, consuming very little power while still producing a bright light.

TruckLite Ground Lights are available in a variety of different colors, including red, white, amber, and green. This makes them suitable for a variety of different applications, such as:

  • Marking the location of a truck or trailer at night
  • Providing additional illumination for loading and unloading cargo
  • Lighting up the ground around a truck or trailer for maintenance or repair work
  • Adding a custom look to a truck or trailer

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