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Britax LED End Short Light


12V LED Britax Light – End Short (Red/Amber)

Britax is a global company with a long-standing reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality automotive safety equipment and vehicle lighting solutions. The company has a rich history and expertise in the automotive industry, providing products and services to a diverse range of customers, including commercial vehicles, emergency services, agricultural machinery, and various other specialized vehicles.

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Britax LED End Short Light

12V LED Britax Light – End Short (Red/Amber)

A Britax LED End Short Light, also known as an End Outline Marker Light, is a high-quality, durable LED lighting solution designed for use on various types of commercial and specialty vehicles, including trailers, trucks, and emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances. These lights play an essential role in ensuring the visibility and safety of the vehicle, particularly in low-light conditions or during poor visibility.

The primary function of an LED End Short Light is to mark the width and height of a vehicle, making it easily noticeable to other road users. They are typically installed on the front and rear corners of the vehicle to enhance its visibility from all angles. As the name suggests, these lights use LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, which offers several advantages over traditional incandescent or halogen lights, such as energy efficiency, longer lifespan, enhanced visibility, faster response time, and durability.

Britax is a well-known brand in the automotive industry that manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions and accessories, including LED end short lights. These lights are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors to suit different applications and vehicle requirements. They are designed to be easy to install and often feature waterproof and dustproof designs to ensure reliable performance in various weather conditions and environments.

When installing or replacing Britax LED End Short Lights on your emergency vehicle, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations to ensure proper installation and compliance with safety standards.

The Britax lighting product range encompasses a wide variety of lighting solutions designed to enhance the safety, visibility, and overall performance of vehicles on the road. Their products are built to meet stringent quality and performance standards, ensuring reliability and durability in various environments and conditions. Some of the key lighting products offered by Britax include:

  1. Marker Lights: These low-intensity lights are used to outline the dimensions of a vehicle, making it more visible to other drivers in low-light conditions or during nighttime driving. They are generally installed on the vehicle’s sides, front, and rear and emit different colors depending on their position and intended function.
  2. Work Lights: Britax work lights provide powerful illumination for various tasks and applications, such as construction, agriculture, and emergency services. These lights are designed for durability and high performance, ensuring efficient operation in demanding conditions.
  3. Warning Lights: These lights are used on emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars, to alert other drivers of their presence and priority on the road. Britax warning lights are available in various styles, including rotating beacons, strobe lights, and LED light bars, to suit different requirements and preferences.
  4. Tail Lights: Britax offers a range of tail lights for various vehicle types, including trailers, trucks, and agricultural machinery. These lights serve as essential safety features, signaling braking, reversing, and turning intentions to other drivers on the road.
  5. Interior Lights: Britax interior lights are designed to provide effective and efficient illumination within the vehicle cabin. These lights are available in various styles and configurations to suit different vehicle types and applications.

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April 29, 2022

conflicting info on the website for this part. Is it actually in stock or does it have a 12 week lead time?

Dave Moyer
May 2, 2022

I understand the confusion. These marker lights have been had to obtain lately. If I do not have any in stock it could take up to 12 weeks to get them in.
Sorry to say I do not have any in stock today.
Thank you,


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