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Class 1 4.5″ Duplex Dual Water/Foam 0-600


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A Class 1 4.5″ Duplex Dual Water/Foam 0-600 is a type of pressure gauge used in fire protection systems. It is a duplex gauge, which means that it has two separate gauges that can be used to monitor two different pressures. In this case, the two pressures that can be monitored are water pressure and foam pressure. The gauge has a 4.5-inch diameter and a pressure range of 0 to 600 psi. It is made of nylon and chrome and has bronze sockets with Suz-Z freeze protection. The Bourdon tubes are filled with low-temperature material and the connections are 1/4″ male NPT lower back, side by side. The lens is acrylic and the case fill fluid is Interlube. The accuracy of the gauge is +2% of scale and the pointers are red and black. The temperature compensation is internal breathing diaphragm.

This type of gauge is typically used in balanced pressure foam systems or Class “A” foam systems with both air and water pressures. It can also be used to monitor the pressure of other fluids, such as air or nitrogen.

Here are some of the features of a Class 1 4.5″ Duplex Dual Water/Foam 0-600 gauge:

  • Duplex gauge: Monitors two different pressures
  • 4.5-inch diameter
  • Pressure range of 0 to 600 psi
  • Made of nylon and chrome
  • Bronze sockets with Suz-Z freeze protection
  • Low-temperature bourdon tubes
  • 1/4″ male NPT lower back connections
  • Acrylic lens
  • Interlube case fill fluid
  • +2% of scale accuracy
  • Red and black pointers
  • Internal breathing diaphragm temperature compensation


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