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FMI Oil Dry Hoopers


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An FMI Oil Dry Hopper is a device used to store and dispense oil dry, a granular material that absorbs oil and other liquids.

The are made of durable polyethylene and features a number of features that make it easy to use and effective, including:

  • An opening for easy filling and dispensing
  • A sealed bulkhead fill to prevent leaks
  • A replaceable dump valve with cap
  • A full-length draw pull for easy lock-in and -out
  • Collapsible buckets for easy disposal of used oil dry

Here are some of the benefits of using an FMI Oil Dry Hopper:

  • Safety: Oil dry helps to prevent slips and falls by absorbing oil and other liquids from the ground.
  • Cleanliness: Oil dry can be used to clean up spills and leaks quickly and easily.
  • Environmental protection: Oil dry helps to prevent oil and other pollutants from contaminating the environment.
  • Efficiency: Oil dry is a very efficient way to clean up spills and leaks, as it absorbs a large amount of liquid per pound.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Oil dry is a relatively inexpensive way to clean up spills and leaks, and it can be used multiple times.

Overall, the FMI Oil Dry Hopper is a well-designed and effective product that can be used to safely and efficiently clean up spills and leaks.

Additional Information

Weight 40 lbs
Select Size

20in (14.91 W x 19.40 D x 26.77 H), 24in (14.91 W x 23.40 D x 26.77 H), 26in (14.91 W x 25.40 D x 26.77 H)

Select Finish

DA Finish, Black Raptor, Gray Raptor


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