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Hale MIV-M Replacement Valve Kit


To ensure optimal performance and safety, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, maintenance, and testing of the Master Intake Valve. Regular inspection and maintenance will help prolong the life of the valve and ensure it functions correctly when needed.

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Hale MIV-M Replacement Valve Disc Kit

A Hale MIV-M Replacement Valve Kit is a set of replacement parts and components specifically designed for repairing or maintaining a Hale MIV (Master Intake Valve) with a manual (M) control. Hale Products is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality firefighting equipment and components, including valves used in firefighting applications.

Over time, the components of a Master Intake Valve can wear out, become damaged, or fail due to various factors, such as corrosion or high-pressure conditions. To restore the valve to optimal functionality and ensure reliable performance, it is necessary to replace the worn or damaged components.

A Hale MIV (Master Intake Valve) is a type of valve designed and manufactured by Hale Products, a company known for producing high-quality firefighting equipment and components. The Master Intake Valve is used in firefighting applications, typically installed on fire apparatus, to control the water flow from an external water source (like a hydrant or another fire engine) into the fire pump.

The MIV valve allows firefighters to efficiently connect the water supply to the fire pump and regulate the flow of water while minimizing the risk of pressure surges and water hammer. It also helps in isolating the fire pump from the water source if maintenance is needed or if there’s a problem with the pump.

Hale MIV valves are designed to provide reliable performance, ease of use, and low maintenance in demanding firefighting situations. They are typically made of durable materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, to withstand harsh environments and resist corrosion. These valves may also have features like a large, easy-to-grasp handle, a built-in pressure gauge, and a slow-open mechanism to reduce the risk of water hammer.

Kit includes:

(4) 018-1624-02-0 CSW HH 3/8-16 X 2 G5 Zinc

(1) 037-2110-00-0 MIV-M Valve Shaft

(1) 040-1159-00-0 O-Ring Seal 40Q-3N68

(2) 040-9160-00-0 40-3N117 Ring Seal

(1) 046-6651-00-0 Plate MIV Gearbox Gasket

(1) 097-1951-00-0 Washer

(2) 142-0110-00-0 60WP Square Seal Ring

(1) 505-0230-00-0 MIV Valve Disc

(1) 529-00058-000 Grease, MIV

(1) 101-0850-66-0 Instruction Sheet

NOTE: This is not a stock item. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

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