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Hale Products is a leading manufacturer of fire and rescue equipment, founded in 1914 by three Pennsylvania firefighters who saw a need for better firefighting equipment. Today, Hale Products is a division of IDEX Corporation, a global industrial company that operates in various markets.

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Hale MIV Valve Switch Replacement Kit

Kit includes:
Misro Switch

A Hale MIV (Master Intake Valve) Valve Switch Replacement Kit is a set of components used to replace the valve switch on a Hale MIV valve.

The Hale MIV valve is a type of valve used in firefighting apparatus to control water flow from the water source into the pump. The valve switch is the component that controls the operation of the valve, allowing water to flow in or shutting it off completely.

Over time, the valve switch may wear out or become damaged, which can impair the valve’s performance. In such cases, the Hale MIV Valve Switch Replacement Kit can be used to replace the damaged or worn-out switch and restore the valve’s proper function. The kit typically includes a new switch, mounting hardware, and instructions for installation.

Hale Products is a leading manufacturer of fire and rescue equipment. Some of the products produced by Hale Products include:

  1. Fire Pumps: Hale produces a wide range of fire pumps, including centrifugal, split shaft, and midship pumps, that are designed to meet the needs of various firefighting applications.
  2. Foam Systems: Hale’s foam systems are designed to deliver foam and other fire suppression agents to help extinguish fires quickly and efficiently.
  3. Valves: Hale manufactures a range of valves, including ball valves, butterfly valves, and pressure relief valves, which are used to control the flow of water and other fluids in firefighting equipment.
  4. CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems): Hale’s CAFS systems are designed to generate a foam solution by mixing compressed air and water, providing an effective and efficient firefighting solution.
  5. Electronics: Hale produces a range of electronic controls and systems for firefighting equipment, including pressure governors, pump controls, and scene lighting controls.
  6. Portable Pumps: Hale’s portable pumps are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for firefighting in remote locations or in areas where access is limited.
  7. Foam Trailers: Hale’s foam trailers are mobile foam systems that can be deployed to firefighting scenes quickly and easily, providing a reliable source of foam for extinguishing fires.

These are just a few examples of the many products produced by Hale Products, which are used by firefighters and first responders around the world to protect lives and property.


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