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Hale 25BP & 25BPA-2660 Repair Kit

Always prioritize safety and ensure that the valve is properly rebuilt to maintain optimal performance of your firefighting equipment. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with the rebuilding process, it’s best to consult our Parts Department at 877-346-1373

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Hale Suction Valve Kit

The Hale 25BP & 25BPA-2660 Repair Kit is a maintenance and repair kit designed for specific Hale firefighting pumps. Hale, a prominent manufacturer of firefighting equipment, produces a wide range of pumps, valves, and other apparatus used by fire departments and emergency responders around the world. Their products are known for their durability, performance, and quality.

The 25BP & 25BPA series pumps are used in firefighting vehicles and systems, and the 2660 Repair Kit is designed to help maintain and repair these pumps when necessary. The repair kit typically includes various replacement parts, gaskets, seals, and other components needed for the maintenance or repair of these pumps, ensuring they continue to operate effectively and efficiently during critical firefighting operations.

It’s essential for firefighters and maintenance personnel to have access to repair kits like the Hale 25BP & 25BPA-2660 Repair Kit to keep their firefighting equipment in optimal working condition, as it can directly impact their ability to control and extinguish fires, ultimately protecting lives and property.

Rebuilding a Hale suction valve is necessary when it starts to show signs of wear or decreased performance. While there isn’t a specific time frame for when this needs to be done, there are several indicators that suggest it might be time to rebuild the valve:

  1. Leakage: If the suction valve is leaking water, it’s an indication that the seals or gaskets may have worn out or become damaged, which can impact the pump’s efficiency and overall performance.
  2. Difficulty in operation: If the valve becomes hard to open or close, it could mean that internal components are wearing out or becoming damaged, which may require rebuilding.
  3. Loss of suction: If the pump’s suction capabilities are noticeably reduced, it could be a sign that the suction valve is not functioning optimally and may need to be rebuilt.
  4. Visual inspection: Regularly inspecting the suction valve can help identify any visible wear, corrosion, or damage to the components, indicating that a rebuild may be necessary.
  5. Preventive maintenance schedule: Some fire departments and organizations have preventive maintenance schedules in place to ensure the optimal performance of their firefighting equipment. These schedules may include periodic rebuilding of critical components like suction valves to prevent potential issues before they occur.

25BP & 25BPA-2660 Repair Kit includes:

(2) 40Q-4N75 SEAL RING

(1) 40-6N275-50 SEAL RING

(1) 05-64M-16CS SPRING PIN



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