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Kussmaul Auto Charge 40/20


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The Auto Charge 40/20 is an integrated charger with Battery Saver Low Ripple. The 40/20 is a completely automatic, modified 3-step, single channel battery charger designed for vehicles with a single battery system. The combined battery charger and battery saver provides a complete package. Additionally, the battery saver output provides uninterrupted power to accessory loads. This complete package simplifies installation and improves system reliability due to parasitic loads. The charger is also ruggedized to withstand the shock and vibration encountered by vehicle mounted equipment.


  • 60A total: 40A battery charger, 20A battery saver
  • Automatic operation regulates output to a single battery bank
  • Separate 20 Amp ATC fuse protected “Battery Saver” output eliminates drain on vehicle battery when in station
  • Clean output poses no interference with radios and other mobile devices
  • Battery Type Selector Switch: Lead-Acid/AGM or Gel-Cell
  • 1-hour “boost” voltage for rapid recovery
  • Automatic current limit
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • AC input circuit breaker protection
  • Compatible with Super Auto Eject with 091-55-234-XXX (Bar Graph Display) or 091-55-194-XXX (Digital Display)
  • 3 year warranty

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Weight 12.0 lbs


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