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Stand Alone Luma Bar (Clear)


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Amdor LED Compartment Lights

The Amdor Stand Alone is the Luma Bar(Clear)  product that revolutionized compartment lighting. The compact, low-profile design creates an unobtrusive, space-saving light that can be mounted just about anywhere that lighting is required. Incorporating the Luma Bar® patented variable aiming system, additional lighting can be conveniently provided wherever you need it most.

Supplied with a full-length aluminum mounting extrusion and encased in a high-impact polycarbonate lens, this waterproof, IP67 rated, LED light is a durable product that can provide many years of use, even in the most demanding of situations. Standard lengths are available, as well as custom lengths, to suit any interior application. In addition to the standard clear white lens, red and blue lenses are also available. Also included is the Luma Bar® current limiting device, which will shut off in the event of an electrical surge, and then resume once normal operating conditions are met.

The Amdor Stand Alone Luma Bar can be attached using double sided tape or the Stand Alone Mounting Clip (Sold Separately).

The Amdor Stand Alone light is available in a variety of sizes. For more information on Luma Bar sizes go to the Amdor Stand Alone Page.

About Luma Bar

Luma Bar® is a leading lighting manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for transportation-related applications. Our origins lie in the design and development of custom LED lighting products for the demanding emergency and military vehicle LED markets. Every product is the result of close collaboration with customers to solve their specific vehicular lighting issues. As a result, Luma Bar® products have a variety of customizable design features. Such as lengths, voltages, mounting options, and a myriad of available colors. We also offer NFPA 1901 compliant lighting solutions.

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11 1/8in, 21 5/16in, 31 7/16in, 41 5/8in, 51 3/4in, 61 15/16in, 71 1/16in

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Left, Centered, Right

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