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Storz suction seals are available in a variety of sizes to fit different Storz couplings. They are typically made of a durable rubber compound that is resistant to abrasion, heat, and chemicals.

They are an important part of any Storz hose line system. They help to ensure that the hose line remains watertight and that the pump is able to operate efficiently.

Here are some of the uses of Storz suction seals:

  • Firefighting: Suction seals are used to connect fire hoses to hydrants and water sources.
  • Industrial applications: Used in a variety of industrial applications, such as mining, construction, and agriculture.
  • Municipal applications: Storz suction seals are used by municipalities to maintain water and sewage systems.
  • Emergency services: Suction seals are used by emergency services organizations, such as search and rescue teams, to transfer water in remote areas.

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