Ziamatic 11″ Utility Strap


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A Ziamatic 11″ Utility Strap is a versatile and durable strap that can be used to secure a wide variety of items. It is made of 2″ wide heavy-duty nylon construction and has a hook and loop closure system that provides extraordinary holding power. The strap doubles back on itself through the “D” ring to double that holding power. It also has a 360-degree grip range, making it ideal for use on even the most oddly-shaped objects.

Ziamatic Utility Straps are UV-resistant and can be used in all weather conditions. They are also more cost-effective than conventional mounting systems. Each strap ships with one 2″ zinc Footman’s Loop, and optional stainless steel Footman’s Loops are also available.

Here are some examples of how Ziamatic Utility Straps can be used:

  • Secure tools and equipment in a truck or van
  • Mount a bike rack or kayak carrier to a vehicle
  • Tie down a load on a trailer
  • Bundle cords and hoses
  • Secure camping gear or other outdoor equipment
  • Hang objects in a garage or workshop
  • And much more!

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