Did you know that Fire Line Equipment buys and sells used trucks?

We are different than other dealers and brokers.  How?  We assist you with what pricing to list your truck, we assist with shipping of vehicle if necessary, we assist with traveling to inspect a truck, we can send a certified mechanic to inspect the truck for you and report any findings to you so there are no surprises.  We can assist with writing purchase agreements and bill of sales as well as all paperwork necessary.  We will even assist with price negotiations!  If you want any changes done to the truck, we have a full service center that can do that for you.  We speak to potential buyers and answer their questions.  We work to sell your vehicle, you don’t have to answer emails from departments asking typical questions, we do that for you.  You don’t get generic emails that are computer generated.  You are not charged anything unless we find a buyer for you.  We give you options for commission fees and you just can’t loose.  It is truly what is in the best interest of your department.  You sell your truck at a retail price and we pay for all the advertising.  If you are planning on selling or buying a used truck, give us a call.  We can explain what we can do for you and answer your questions.  Call us at 717-354-8106.  Give us the opportunity to help you.  www.firelineequipment.com