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Hale 5″ Suction Screen


Hale Products Inc. is known for its innovative technology and high-quality products, and is committed to providing reliable and efficient firefighting solutions that help keep people and property safe.

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Hale 5″ Suction Screen

A Hale 5″ Suction Screen refers to a specific component used in firefighting and water pumping applications. Hale is a company that manufactures fire equipment and water pumps, and a suction screen is a part of the water intake system used to filter debris and prevent it from entering the pump.

In this case, a 5″ suction screen indicates that the screen is designed for a 5-inch diameter intake. The screen is placed at the end of the intake that goes into the water pump, filtering out debris and contaminants while allowing water to pass through.

Suction screens are essential for maintaining the proper functioning of the pump and preventing damage to the equipment. They are commonly used in firefighting, agricultural, and industrial water pumping applications to ensure efficient water flow and to protect the pump from damage.

Hale Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment and rescue tools based in Ocala, Florida, United States. The company was founded in 1914 and has since become a subsidiary of IDEX Corporation, a global diversified manufacturing company.

Hale Products Inc. designs and produces a wide range of firefighting equipment and rescue tools, including fire pumps, foam systems, valves, monitors, nozzles, and hydraulic rescue tools. These products are used by fire departments, industrial firefighting teams, and military units around the world.


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