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Hale Oil-less Primer Rebuild Kit


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The Hale Oil-less Primer Rebuild Kit is a set of replacement parts for the Hale ESP (Environmentally Safe Priming) priming system. The ESP system is a self-lubricating system that does not require oil, making it a more environmentally friendly and reliable option than traditional oil-based priming systems.

The rebuild kit typically includes the following parts:

  • Pump vanes
  • Shaft seal
  • PVG ball switch
  • PVG O-rings

The rebuild kit is used to repair the ESP priming system when it fails to achieve a vacuum. To repair the system, the pump head assembly is removed and the old parts are replaced with the new parts from the rebuild kit. The pump head assembly is then reinstalled and the system is tested.

Hale Oil-less Primer Rebuild Kits are available from authorized Hale dealers. The specific kit that is needed will depend on the model of the ESP priming system.

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