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Waterous CG/CX Mechanical Seal Kit

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Waterous Company is a pioneer in the firefighting equipment industry, with over a century of experience in providing innovative, reliable, and high-quality products. By focusing on research and development, maintaining strong customer relationships, and adhering to the highest standards of quality, Waterous continues to play a crucial role in the advancement of firefighting technology and the protection of lives and property worldwide.

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Waterous CG/CX Mechanical Seal Kit

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A Waterous CG/CX Mechanical Seal Kit is a set of replacement parts and components designed specifically for maintaining or repairing the mechanical seals in Waterous CG and CX series centrifugal fire pumps. These fire pumps are used in firefighting apparatus or other similar water pump systems to provide a high-pressure flow of water during firefighting operations.

Mechanical seals are critical components in centrifugal pumps, as they prevent water from leaking out of the pump casing while also keeping contaminants from entering the pump. The seals create a barrier between the rotating shaft and stationary pump casing, allowing the pump to operate efficiently without excessive leakage.

A Waterous CG/CX Mechanical Seal Kit typically includes various seals, gaskets, O-rings, and other essential components that may wear out or become damaged over time. By replacing these parts, you can ensure that the mechanical seals in your Waterous CG or CX series fire pump continue to function properly, efficiently, and safely.

It’s important to note that the exact components in a Waterous CG/CX Mechanical Seal Kit may vary depending on the specific model and design of the fire pump. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or consult with a qualified technician to ensure you have the correct repair kit for your particular pump.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential for the optimal functioning and longevity of firefighting equipment. By using a Waterous CG/CX Mechanical Seal Kit, you can help keep your fire pump system in good working condition and ready for use during emergencies.

The Waterous product line consists of various fire pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, PTO-driven pumps, and portable pumps, designed to meet the needs of different firefighting applications. The company also offers a range of foam systems, including proportioning systems and foam concentrate pumps, which play a critical role in combating flammable liquid and hazardous materials fires.

In addition to its core products, Waterous manufactures fire hydrants and valves, which are integral components of municipal water supply systems. These products are designed to ensure that firefighters have access to a reliable water supply during emergency operations.

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2 reviews for Waterous CG/CX Mechanical Seal Kit

  1. Jose (verified owner)

    Excellent place to get parts for our customers older trucks!

    • Dave Moyer

      Thank you Jose.

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