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10MW-W272 Valve Body Gasket


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A Hale 10MW-W272 Valve Body Gasket is a part of a Hale water pump that is used to seal the valve body and prevent leaks. It is a small, rubber gasket that sits between the valve body and the pump housing.

The valve body is the part of the pump that controls the flow of water. It contains a series of valves that open and close to allow water to flow through the pump. The valve body gasket is important because it prevents water from leaking out of the pump and onto the ground.

Over time, the valve body gasket can wear out and become damaged. This can cause water to leak out of the pump, which can reduce the pump’s performance and cause damage to the pump and other components of the water system.

If you notice that your Hale water pump is leaking water, it is important to inspect the valve body gasket to see if it is damaged. If the gasket is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Here are some of the signs that your Hale 10MW-W272 Valve Body Gasket may need to be replaced:

  • Water is leaking from the pump
  • There is a loss of water pressure
  • The pump is making unusual noises
  • The pump is overheating

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