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310K Bearing


310K Bearing

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A Hale 310K bearing is a type of ball bearing that is commonly used in Hale fire pumps and other industrial applications. It is a single row, deep groove bearing with an open end. The bearing has a bore diameter of 50 mm, an outer diameter of 110 mm, and a width of 27 mm. It has a static load capacity of 8,500 lbs. and a dynamic load capacity of 15,600 lbs.

Hale 310K bearings are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions that are common in firefighting and industrial applications. They are also relatively easy to install and maintain.

Here are some of the applications of Hale 310K bearings:

  • Hale fire pumps
  • Industrial gearboxes
  • Conveyors
  • Fans and blowers
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Oil and gas industry

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