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Coolant Spin-on with BTE Formula


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The objectives of diesel engine coolant filters, also known as water filters, are to remove contaminants from the engine cooling system and add chemicals to the coolant itself to replenish important protectants that may be lost over time. Baldwin Filters’ coolant spin-on filters with Balanced Treatment for Ethylene Glycol (BTE) formula are designed to protect the engine and enhance its performance. BTE formula coolants offer a combination of low-silicate antifreeze and water, which removes heat and lubricates the water pump. They provide freeze protection and prevent scale-sludge formation.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Baldwin
Product Type: Coolant Spin-on with BTE Formula
Notes: Maintenance filter for systems with 41-50 gallons capacity.; Can be used with CFB5000 base or CFB8784 dual base.
Contains: 16 Units BTE
Thread Size: 11/16-16
Outside Diameter: 3 11/16 (93.7)
Length: 7 5/32 (181.8)
Gasket: Integral Gasket: G381-A
Micron Rating: 20 Nominal; 45 Absolute
Application: Caterpillar, Komatsu Equipment
Compatible Competitor Part Number: Caterpillar 1W5518; Clark 963797; Cummins 3315788; GMC 23507189; John Deere AR94652; Komatsu 600-411-1420

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs


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