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DAHL Fuel Filter Element


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DAHL fuel filters efficiently remove most water and solid contaminants from diesel fuel before it reaches pumps or injectors, thus prolonging parts life and reducing unscheduled downtime. DAHL’s functional dual-chamber, three-stage diesel fuel filter/water separators provide efficient suction side water separation and contaminant filtration. The key is the unique DAHL-patented depressurize cone which spreads the fuel flow. With more area to flow over, greater separation of water and dirt from the fuel is achieved. DAHL diesel fuel filter/water separators have less mechanical flow resistance than other separators because the fuel only changes direction twice. The DAHL unit removes virtually 100 percent of the water and most of the contaminants from the diesel fuel.

Technical Specifications

Width: 190.5 mm, 7 1/2
Absolute Micron: 20
Brand: Hastings
Division: Engine Mobile Aftermarket
For Fluid Type: Fuel
For Use With: DAHL 200 Series Fuel Filter/Water Separator Units
Height: 22.25 inch, 565.15 mm
Includes: [1] Attached A Gskt, 200-15A F Gskt, [1] Attached O-Ring:
Inside Diameter: 3 9/32 inch, 83.3 mm
Length: 4 5/8 inch, 117.5 mm
Industry: Oil & Gas
Outside Diameter: 6 1/16 inch, 154 mm
Perinch: 12 w/O-Ring Boss
Product Type: DAHL Fuel Element
Substance: Diesel, bio-diesel blends up to B-20 and gasoline
Technology: Filtration
Thread Size: 1 1/6
Product Type: DAHL Fuel Element
Outside Diameter: 6 1/16 (154.0)
Inside Diameter: 1 15/32 (37.3) & 3 9/32 (83.3)
Length: 4 5/8 (117.5)
Gasket: Attached Gasket: [1] Included; Furnished Gasket: 200-15A
O-ring: [1] Attached
Micron Rating: 4 Nominal; 20 Absolute
Application: DAHL 200 Series Fuel Filter/Water Separator Units

Additional Information

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