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Darley pump packing is a type of mechanical seal used to prevent leakage from the shaft of a rotating Darley pump. It is made of a plastallic composite material that is resistant to heat and friction. Darley pump packing is available in two forms:
  • Traditional packing: This is a braided, fibrous material that is inserted into the packing gland and then tightened to create a seal.
  • Injection packing: This is a newer type of Darley pump packing that is injected into the packing gland as a liquid. It then hardens to form a solid seal.

Injection packing is easier to install and adjust than traditional packing, and it also provides a more consistent seal. This makes it a good choice for Darley pumps that are used in demanding applications, such as firefighting.

Darley pump packing is an important part of maintaining the performance and reliability of your Darley pump. It is important to inspect and replace the packing regularly to prevent leaks and damage to the pump.

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