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Q-57R Rear Gland Set


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A Hale Q-57R Rear Gland is a packing gland used in Hale pumps. It is a mechanical seal that prevents water from leaking out of the pump. The gland consists of a housing, a packing sleeve, and a packing nut. The packing sleeve is made of a soft material, such as graphite or Teflon, that forms a seal against the pump shaft. The packing nut is used to tighten the packing sleeve against the shaft.

The Hale Q-57R Rear Gland is used in a variety of Hale pumps, including the Q-57R, Q-57FD, and QMAX pumps. It is a critical component of the pump and must be maintained in good condition to prevent leaks.

If the Hale Q-57R Rear Gland begins to leak, it is important to replace it immediately. A leaking gland can cause water damage to the pump and other components of the fire truck.

Here are some of the signs that the Hale Q-57R Rear Gland may need to be replaced:

  • Water leaking from the rear of the pump
  • A decrease in pump performance
  • A loud noise coming from the pump when it is running

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