New E-ONE Rescue 905

Several committee members from Blue Rock Fire Rescue recently spent two days at E-ONE‘s manufacturing facility in Hamburg, New York, for a mid-point inspection of their new E-ONE rescue vehicle. The visit provided the team with an opportunity to review the progress of the custom-built rescue apparatus and ensure that it meets the department’s specific needs and requirements.

The Blue Rock Fire Rescue committee, consisting of experienced firefighters and officers, closely examined the vehicle’s construction, design, and various components, including the chassis, storage compartments, and specialized equipment. Their objective was to confirm that the apparatus adheres to the department’s specifications and the highest industry standards.

During their time at E-ONE’s facility, the committee members also met with the company’s engineers and production staff to discuss any necessary adjustments or improvements to the rescue vehicle. These collaborative efforts between the fire department and the manufacturer are crucial in ensuring that the final product will effectively serve the Blue Rock community for years to come.

The mid-point inspection marks an important milestone in the development of Blue Rock Fire Rescue’s new E-ONE rescue vehicle. Upon completion and delivery, the apparatus will enhance the department’s capabilities in responding to various emergency situations, including vehicle extrications, technical rescues, and hazardous materials incidents.

Blue Rock Fire Rescue is a dedicated volunteer fire department located in Millersville, Pennsylvania. Serving the community with pride and professionalism, the department plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Manor Township and Millersville Borough residents and surrounding areas.

Established through the merger of four long-standing fire companies – Millersville Fire Company, Highville Fire Company, Washington Boro Fire Company, and West Lancaster Fire company – Blue Rock Fire Rescue has a rich history and a strong commitment to providing the highest level of fire and rescue services to the community.

The department is staffed by a team of well-trained, experienced, and dedicated volunteers who constantly strive to improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest firefighting techniques and equipment. They undergo regular training and certifications to ensure they are prepared to respond effectively to a wide range of emergency situations, including fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, and technical rescues.

Blue Rock Fire Rescue is equipped with a modern fleet of emergency response vehicles and specialized equipment to address various emergencies. The recent acquisition of the E-ONE Cyclone Rescue vehicle is a testament to the department’s dedication to continually enhancing their capabilities and providing the best possible service to the community.

In addition to their emergency response duties, Blue Rock Fire Rescue is actively engaged in community outreach, fire prevention, and public education efforts. The department hosts various events, open houses, and educational programs to raise awareness about fire safety and prevention measures, helping to foster a safer community for all.

The unwavering commitment of Blue Rock Fire Rescue’s volunteer firefighters and their passion for serving the Millersville and Manor Township is truly commendable. As they continue to protect and serve, the department remains a shining example of selflessness, bravery, and dedication to the safety and well-being of the community they serve.

Blue Rock Fire Rescue Mid Inspection